Soundtrack to lecture 3

About the turntablist Rob Swift. Videos: Scratching Demo, tutorial, and in action.

See also a video of cut chemist. Another great turntablist. See him in action with DJ Shadow.

A demo of the TB303 analog synth, and with overdrive.

I also played The Poke by Adonis and the Endless Poker. Finally, I also played a very recent acid track by gothrobot: rock 2017"---see below.

GothRobot - Rock 2017

If you like this kind of stuff, you may want to check Epitonic out for some free tracks.

Finally, here is a free TB-303 synth emulator. You can also check the history of TB-303 and the Minimoog. The synth I used in class: FLStudio

Analog and Digital Technology used together in a Chemical Brothers Concert

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