4th Installment Clues

Since it seems like a majority of you are having some trouble figuring out the algorithm for the fourth installment here are some clues given to you by Professor Rocha to help you out:

These are the main points that we have learned about the black box from
the data we have collected.Although these have all been discussed in
class at various times, I just want to provide a brief synopsis here:

*Quadrant 1 picks up 1 number at random and applies the
neighborhood-majority algorithm to it. How to pick a random number has
been discussed in class along with the neighborhood majority process.

*In quadrant 3, the fact that even numbers go to even numbers and odd
numbers can go to any number is a MAJOR clue.Think on which operations
could lead to such behavior.

*That zero always goes to zero is also an important clue.

* Also notice that every number can go to zero.

*In Q3 there are two numbers involved.


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