Informatics Philharmonic

Using computer driven musical accompaniment systems, students will perform works for violin. A talk will follow that explains how this emerging technology can contribute to performing musicians.

Christopher Raphael, associate professor at the Indiana University School of Informatics, will share center stage with Mimi Zweig, professor at the Jacobs School of Music. They’re appearing together in Informatics Philharmonic at 3 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 24, at Sweeney Hall in the Simon Center Music building.

Raphael is the creator of Music Plus One, a sophisticated computerized instrumental accompaniment program that responds in real time to a soloist’s tempo changes and other expressive gestures. The accompaniment is drawn from recorded past rehearsals from, say, a concerto or sonata. As the musician plays, the accompanying music is synthesized through an audio recording.

Informatics Philharmonic@Artsweek 2007


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