Google in all its glory

Google can be used for so much more than simple searching these days, most people never get to see its advanced features. Try soople.com instead of google.com next time you need to search. Especially if you are not getting the results you're looking for from Google. Soople offers many of the advanced features that Google buries deep within its site. Google hides these features in order to keep a very simple and clean interface, a technique that has seemed to work, given that Google is the world's most visited website. This is a big tradeoff however. Would you make this tradeoff if you ran Google? Google's simple interface is slowly becoming busier everyday, though you may not even notice.

Google also has many speciality searches that do no appear on Soople because they are still in the developement and testing phase. Projects such as these are said to be in the 'beta' phase. Here are a few of useful engines that Google is currently testing:

Academic Paper Search**

Google Suggest

Google Finance

And you can use Google's "define" functionality to find an almost limitless number of additional insights. Simply go to google.com and search for "define:Operating system" (without the quotes). Makes for a very fast web-based dictionary, and is how you'd do it on your phone as well.

Google News is also a great way to get news from around the World. If you feel stiffled by the usual news sources, this is a great way to be informed.

But my favorite Google Toy is Google Earth!
Though Maps and Image Search are very useful as well. The future may be Google Docs&Spreadsheets, though

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Blogger peregrinus said...

I've used Google Earth and It's pretty amazing.

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